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Séminaire : “Program Development Using Abstract Interpretation”

13 avril, 2022 à 4:15 pm

Actualité bannière séminaire Gonnord et Deleuze Program Development Using Abstract Interpretation

Présentation par Laure GONNORD et Christophe DELEUZE

Mercredi 13 avril à 16h15, Laure GONNORD et Christophe DELEUZE ont présenté le séminaire qui avait pour thème “Program Development Using Abstract Interpretation”.

Abstract Interpretation [Cousot/Cousot Principles of Programming Languages 1977] is a very useful framework to infer properties of programs, which has shown its effectivity in proving safety of critical code like airplane controllers. In this talk Christophe Deleuze. will make an Abstract Interpretation scratch course, and Laure Gonord will present some examples of concrete use in program development, from formal verification to code optimization.

Intervenants :
Laure Gonnord received her PhD degree in computer science from the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France), in 2007 and her Habilitation in 2017 in Lyon, France. She currently holds a full permanent professor position at Grenoble INP, Esisar, Valence. Her main research interests lie in the design of static analyses, with emphasis on the automatic synthesis of numerical and memory invariants and application in language design, compilation, safety and security. She belongs to the CTSys team of the LCIS Laboratory (Esisar, Valence, France) and is external member of the CASH team of the LIP laboratory (ENS de Lyon, France).