IEEE RFID conference Best Journal Paper Award 2024

During the IEEE RFID conference held at the Media Lab at MIT in Boston, USA, Associate Professor HDR Nicolas Barbot was honored with the James Clerk Maxwell Best Journal Paper Award 2024 for the paper “Simple Low-Cost Open-Source UHF RFID Reader”, coauthored with Raymondo de Amorim Jr. and Pavel Nikitin.

This prestigious distinction recognizes the best JRFID paper published between 2021 and 2023, selected from over 200 submissions.

Additionally, at the same conference, Professor Barbot:

  1. organized a tutorial titled “How to Build Your Own UHF RFID Reader,”
  2. presented a full paper on “Differential RCS of Dual-Port Tag Antenna with Synchronous Modulated Backscatter,” together with Pavel Nikitin (Impinj, Seattle, USA),
  3. presented a poster on “Tag Reading and Writing Using an SDR UHF RFID Reader,” together with Gianfranco Andia Vera (Blackbear Ltd., London, UK).


More information can be found here: