Nicolas Barbot

Nicolas Barbot received the M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. degree from the University de Limoges, France in 2010 and 2013 respectively. His Ph.D. work in Xlim Laboratory was focused on error-correcting codes for the optical wireless channel. He also realized a post-doctoral work in joint source-channel decoding at L2S Laboratory, in Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

Daniel Thirion

Daniel THIRION began as an apprentice student as ESISAR and STMicroelectronics, integrating the team of Jean-Marc DAVEAU, working on various projects surrounding Safety (SoC design and integration, fault injection platform, FPGA implementations). At the end of his studies, he integrated teams at Frontgrade Gaisler, as a designer on fault injection methods. After graduating in 2023, he started a PhD, working along his previous team at STMicroelectronics and joined LCIS (Vincent BEROULLE, David HELY, Valentin EGLOFF) on a collaboration between the two worlds of Safety and Security for embedded devices.

Laurent Lefèvre

Laurent Lefèvre got his B.Sc. from Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles (1991) and his M.Sc. in applied mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain (1994), both in
Belgium.Then he moved to Lille (North of France) and got his Ph.D. in control from Ecole Centrale de Lille (1999). Since 2011 he got a full professor position at Grenoble Institute of Technology, Univ. Grenoble Alpes. His current domains of interest are numerical methods for simulation and control, distributed parameters systems, modelling and analysis of complex dynamical systems. He is involved in various project related to applications in complex water systems, process engineering, microgrids and plasma physics (tokamaks).

Julien Soule

Julien Soule started a PhD continuing an international research on “Autonomous Intelligent Cyberdefense Agents” (AICA) by fostering a multi-agent approach of Cyberdefense. He is currently the treasurer of the AICA International Work Group (AICA IWG) that gathers experts interested in taking up new Cyberdefense challenges. Alongside academic research, he also works within “Thales” group to provide contributions in the form of industrial applications of his PhD works. Prior to this position, he worked as an engineer at “Atos” group. He is a graduate of the “INSA Group” French engineering school, where he majored in computer science with cybersecurity specialization.

Ihab Alshaer

Nos membres Ihab Alshaer Postdoctoral Researcher Equipe CTSYS Université Grenoble Alpes Short presentation Ihab Alshaer graduated with a B.Eng. degree (with distinction) in Computer Systems Engineering from Birzeit University, Palestine in 2015. He then worked as a Teaching Assistant at the same university for around 3 years before taking his Master 1 […]

Abdelsalam Mohamed

I am a dedicated and passionate PhD student with a background in the field of cybersecurity challenges in the context of automotive systems. Currently, in the third year of my doctoral studies, I am pursuing a joint PhD program between Bosch Germany and Grenoble University, where I am actively researching the security implications of integrating autonomous vehicles and smart infrastructure systems on roads.

Sébastien Jean

Research activities

Keywords: Software engineering, security / Ingénierie logicielle, sécurité

Teaching activities

Keywords: Object-Oriented Design, Objected-Oriented Programming / Conception et programmation orientées-objet

Minh Tuan Dinh

Minh Tuan Dinh obtained the Engineer’s degree in Mechatronics from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Viet Nam in 2022. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control and Production Systems at Université Grenoble Alpes, France. He is also working as PhD research engineer for Eramet Ideas, France.

Weikang Zeng

ZENG Weikang a obtenu son Master en Sciences, Technologie et Santé avec une spécialisation en Microsystèmes Embarqués Instrumentation et Robotique, avec un focus sur la Robotique, à l’Université Franche-Comté à Besançon en 2022. Il rédige actuellement une thèse sur le développement d’une méthodologie de construction de représentations et de comportements d’agents de localisation et de robots mobiles.

Smail Tedjini

Portrait Smail Tedjini

Smail TEDJINI, Life Fellow IEEE, URSI Fellow. Doctor d’Etat in Physics 1985 Grenoble University.  Senior Researcher of CNRS 1986-1993. University Full Professor since 1993, now with Grenoble Institute of Technology.  His main topics for both research and teaching, concern Applied Electromagnetism, RF, Optoelectronics, RFID and Wireless Systems.